Fire Detection and Alarm System

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Smoke Detector

The fire alarm detection system is one of the vital auxiliary systems an establishment must have.

Why Fire Alarm? For the reason that fire alarm saves lives and property. Fire Alarm Detection System Compose of Smoke/Heat Detectors, Remote Fire alarm control panel, Emergency break glass, Sounder/Beacon Alarm, etc.

The main advantage having a system like this is an early warning because fire can occur anytime and anyplace. By this evacuation time is reduced, fire occurrence can be treated immediately to minimize the area of destruction, among others.

It is important to know that the most devastating accident that may happen to your investment is fire accident, which results lost of property and may even lives.

Exprotech is one of the professional supplier, designer, and system Integrator who will help you protect your investment from hazardous fire.

Our complete range of product starts from small conventional system to fully addressable integrated computerized Fire alarm detection System.

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